TravelAnna Baldwin

Colorado’s best winter huts & yurts

The Colorado mountains are littered with yurts, huts, and cabins that provide shelter from the elements without the distractions of modern life. Here are three of our favorites.

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TravelAnna Baldwin

America’s very best glampsites

Our friends at GlampingHub run a sort of airbnb for luxury campsites. They'll help you find some pretty cool outdoor digs... but it'll cost you.

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CycleJan Bennett

Shelter: Bivy or Tent?

Space, weight and functionality are key when it comes to bike packing gear. Jan walks us through her thought process as she figures out what works for her.

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SurvivalEric Hockman

What to carry on a winter day in the backcountry

Before you head out into the back-country, take a look at what we recommend and always remember, safety first.

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AlpinePhil Lindeman

Gear Review: Rocky Mountain Underground Carbon Apostle Men’s Ski

Shoulders of Giants takes the new Carbon Apostle for a few climbs and backcountry turns. Here's what we think.

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SurvivalPhil Lindeman

Gear Review: Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Backpacking Stove

Shoulders of Giants got a hold of the Olicamp Kinetic Ultra titanium backpacking stove and tested the 4 season theory. Here's what we think.

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See the ice caves of Rifle, Colorado

We've always been impressed by ice sculptors, but no dude with an ice pick can compare to mother nature, whose best work is on display December–March along the cliffs of Rifle Mountain Park.

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CycleDevon Balet

The Fat Bike World Championships

Our writer attends the snow biking's biggest event.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

Video: Corrective Mobility Movements – Part 2

Part 2 in our Mobility Corrective Movement Series

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WellnessMike Powers

Beware of Impostor Martial Arts Instructors

Here's some advice from a proven expert on how to avoid martial arts impostors.

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