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Wellness / January 29, 2016

Video: Corrective Mobility Movements – Part 1

Written by: Morris Brossette

In my last article 5 Elements of Corrective Training, I discussed the importance of incorporating functional mobility movements into your training regimen. These exercises can be a great asset in that they require you to squat, twist, extend and bend in ways that you otherwise may overlook in your typical movement patterns. These sometimes odd-looking and oddly-named movements may feel strange. You will feel tightness in areas you didn’t know you could be tight in. Plus, you may realize just how immobile you actually are, which often times precedes injury.

No one likes to feel like they can’t complete a movement. In my experience as a coach, this is why most folks avoid mobility movements – and all the more reason to do them! You will find in a few short weeks that your range of motion and mobility improves, and you feel better during and after hard training sessions.

The video below is one that I give to my clients on a weekly basis as a means to improve mobility and promote active recovery through movement. With great training comes much needed recovery, too. The last thing anyone wants is to train hard for a goal only to be sidelined by injury that’s promoted by overly tight muscles. Follow this series of mobility recovery movements to improve your range of motion and reduce your risk of injury.

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Morris “Mo” Brossette grew up running, hiking, biking, and basically living everyday in the woods. Each day was a new adventure of building forts, exploring new areas, and even as a child, creating obstacle courses and other physical challenges to build strength and fitness.

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