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Adventure, Fish / January 10, 2016

Find more fish with the 3 Cs

Written by: Eric Jackson

How can you find trout in a new place? In other words, when you come to a new river, what factors do you seek to find out where the fish are consistently? Trout requires three key things to survive and thrive in a river; they’re also known as The Three C’s.


“Current, Cover and Cuisine ”

Current. This provides fish with a consistent amount of clean, cold, and highly oxygenated water. There are many other factors to the types of water that trout like and will hold in, but this is a great basic component to provide a good start for them. Current doesn’t always mean rapid, but it does have to be consistent. This changes with depth, width and structure, and drop of terrain. 

Cover. We often think of cover in our own terms – trees, bushes, overhangs or undercut banks. Fish don’t have those kinds of limits to what they find as cover. Structure in the water like a small rock or depression in the river bottom can provide cover for small and large trout alike. For them, anything from a good shadow on their stretch of water to a small bump in the bottom of the stream bed serves its purpose. Riffly water offers a great feeling of security, too. 

Cuisine. Fish eat as often as they can. Never think that trout are ever full. It may make them selective to be fairly full. So, what do trout eat? It varies by region, water type, time/season of the year, and even the time of day. Trout are opportunistic and eat a large variety of foods in the water that are available to them. They eat everything from minuscule, almost invisible midges all the way to crawdads, baitfish and  smaller trout. Mostly, they will consume insect life in the water. Always remember: trout eat often and need food to be available to them in the water, wherever they are.

That said, when you arrive at water you are unfamiliar with, the three C’s may give you some insight as to where you want to search for fish. Follow the abovementioned tips and you stand a good chance of finding fish.

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Eric Jackson

From the time a nine pound catfish nearly pulled three-year-old Eric Jackson in the water to the time he waded the flats of the Texas coast for redfish, all of these experiences have led Eric to share and guide others in fishing.

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