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Adventure, Alpine / December 21, 2015

Gear Review: 2015-16 Liberty Envy Women’s Ski

Written by: Phil Lindeman

There’s a renaissance underway in the ski industry. For a few seasons now, boutique and major manufacturers have started crafting skis made just for women. These models are typically lighter, softer and a bit shorter than their male counterparts. Think of it as the difference between a men’s ski jacket and a women’s ski jacket. Both feature the same materials and technical specs, but the cuts and measurements are tailored just so for different shapes and sizes.

The Liberty Envy is the Colorado manufacturer’s flagship women’s ski, and like it’s male counterpart, the Liberty Origin, it saw a facelift in the 2015-16 season. It is now lighter and poppier than ever before, thanks in large part to a revamped core. The tri-layer core is built with three materials — bamboo, super-light paulownia and sturdy poplar — to give the ski plenty of strength without leg-killing weight. That combo makes this ski insanely light at about 3.4 pounds (1,530 grams) in the 156 cm length.

Also, like it’s bigger and beefier men’s Envy, it is an all-terrain machine. It features Liberty’s “Stealth Rocker” shape, also known as hybrid rocker (stiff traditional camber underfoot with mild reverse camber on the nose and tail) to help it tackle any conditions – from afternoon chop to a foot of shimmering fresh.



The twin-tip Envy is shaped like most Liberty skis — thick and fat where it counts. But the manufacturer doesn’t take this mentality to the absolute extreme like backcountry-only counterparts. It measures 105 mm underfoot (10-15 mm fatter than most women’s twin skis) and balloons to 135 mm on the nose and 125 mm on the tail.

What does this mean for in-bounds skiing? It means the Envy is just about the only ski you need, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. It’s fat enough to float through powder when you duck into the trees, but it’s not so fat that it gets caught up on moguls or slush piles come springtime.

The biggest difference between the Envy and the Origin is the rocker shape. The Stealth Rocker on the Envy is made just for ladies. It’s mild from tip to tail, which gives typically lighter female skiers more control with less of a fight. You won’t struggle to initiate turns with this one, but it’s still forgiving.



The Envy isn’t quite made for powder-to-your-chest days, but it can handle just about everything else. The thick nose and tail keep you elevated when the snow gets deep, and the updated profile is sleek without sacrificing float. It comes in two sizes (156 cm and 167 cm), so if you’re on the tall side, you might want to look at longer models from other manufacturers, or simply switch over to a men’s model. The Envy might be too soft, short and snappy for you.

If you haven’t yet considered a gender-specific ski, the Envy is a stellar introduction to a specialty model. It comes with all the basics that any ski needs — solid construction and reliable materials — plus the features that make a women’s ski, well, perfect for women.

It’s also sexy as hell. Looks aren’t everything, but they’re worth something, right?

MSRP: $725  MAP: $599

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Header photo: Greta Muxworthy in Aspen, Colorado. Photo by Brendan Gooding.
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Phil Lindeman is a gear junkie based in Summit County, Colorado, where the powder is deep and the singletrack is nearly endless.

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