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Uncategorized / November 30, 2015

Announcing the Shoulders of Giants Contest Winner

Written by: Kevin Linderman

Last month, we conducted our first-ever Shoulders of Giants contest, giving away a 5 Toes Custom 7” Japanese Steel Knife from Leethal Cutlery.

More than 500 entries rolled in from expert and novice adventurers alike, but we could only choose one. Luckily, the winner ended up being from our neck of the woods so Shoulders of Giants founder Kevin Linderman and John Wayne Walding took a drive to meet the lucky guy himself.

Get to know our winner:

Pete Crabb Jr. is a veteran of war with honorable discharges from the U.S. Army and Texas National Guard as an 11B (Infantry). He experienced combat in Iraq from March 2003 to February 2004, and credits his strong, personal relationship with God for his strength during his years of service.

Currently, Pete works as an electrician at a power plant and is the lucky father of three great boys, ranging from one month to eight years old. He plans on using his prize for recreation, including: running fishing lines, hunting and camping. He jokes that he will carry it around to look cool for his sons, too.

Congratulations, Pete – you deserve it!

Stay tuned to the Shoulders of Giants Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your next opportunity to win an adventure prize.

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Kevin Linderman is the founder and Chief Adventure Officer for Shoulders of Giants. Kevin has spent his entire professional career in and around the field of information technology, but has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast and a seeker of knowledge.

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