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11 great gifts for guys

Despite what many magazines claim, there’s really no such thing as the ultimate gift guide for guys. There are about 3.7 billion guys on this big blue bauble of ours, after all, and no two them have exactly the same interests.

So in building this gift guide, we didn’t try to choose items that appeal to everyone. We asked the guys we know what they wanted to get this holiday season, and then we stocked that stuff in our online shop.

We can ship anything on this list to you before Christmas Day. And if your order costs more than $98, then your shipping is free.


Gear to carry

A lot of the guys we know are Every Day Carry types. They nerd out over the stuff they carry in their pockets: wallets, folding knives, pens… stuff like that.

So we carry a bunch of the market’s best EDC gear. You can see all of it in the Carry section of our shop.

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Bastion: Pure Carbon Fiber and Leather Minimalist Bi-Fold Wallet

This minimalist leather wallet is coated with carbon fiber, making it both durable and stylish.

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Vargo: Titanium Keychain Tool – 1.2

This key chain multitool features a reverse-cutting can opener, bottle opener, 5mm/6mm/8mm wrenches, flathead screwdriver, and key ring attachment.

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Helle: Dokka Folding Knife

This folding knife fits a triple laminated stainless steel blade within a Birch handle. Its genuine leather sheath has a built-in belt loop.


Gear for the car

Another thing most guys we know have in common? They all have a car or truck, and they all spend way too much time in it.

Most of these guys have some kind of emergency kit in their vehicle (these are EDC guys, remember?), so we stocked some items to help keep them prepared for any vehicular emergency.

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My Medic: MyFAK

This basic first aid kit can be used on any adventure—from a day at the park with the kids to a multi-day backpacking adventure.

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Off Grid Tools: Survival Axe Elite

With features like a seat belt cutter, gas valve shut-off wrench, and glass breaker, this axe is a one-item survival tool for your car.

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UCO: Pika LED Lantern

This lightweight lantern/flashlight can also be used as a power bank for your mobile devices.


Gear for the woods

In Dallas (as in most of the U.S.), camping is a male bonding tradition. It’s a time when guys get together far from the hassles of civilization, unplug from the rat race, and compare gear.

We carry the perfect gear for those wilderness sojourns. These items are not just functional, they’re also very impressive.

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Kammok: Roo Hammock

This comfortable two-person camping hammock is easily the best on the market.

$99.00 $79.00

Gear to wear

We won’t use this space to recite that old cliché about guys not caring about fashion. No doubt there are plenty of dudes out there who’d love a new shirt, a pair of boots, or a jacket.

That’s just not the wearable gear we sell. The stuff in our shop is all super-functional, survival type stuff. It’s meant to help the wearer stay alive… though it generally looks cool, too.

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Wazoo: Adventure Survival Bracelet

The Adventure Survival Bracelet is basically a wearable survival kit. It comes with everything you need to trap game, catch fish, start fires, and more.

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SlideBelts: Survival Belt

The Survival Belt's buckle contains an LED flashlight, a ferrocerium firestarter rod, a bottle opener, and a fold-out stainless steel knife. It looks cool, too.


Looking for something else? Our online shop has dozens of guy-friendly gift items, and all of it is available for the holiday season.

Oh—and before we forget… if this is your first purchase from Shoulders of Giants, you can use the promo code Welcome15 to save 15%.

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