CycleJan Bennett

The route I’ll never race

The hottest new route in bikepacking is Mexico's 1,700-mile Baja Divide. As Jan Bennet writes, it's not a trip that should be rushed.

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SurviveJustin Park

6 ways to camp like a caveman

Sick of the gear world's obsession with shedding ounces? You'll find an ally in primitive camping evangelist David Canterbury.

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Gear ReviewsStewart Moore

This week in gear: 5 travel must-haves

The holiday travel season is almost upon us. So this week, Stewart Moore rounded up five items you'll want in your luggage.

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WellnessAlix Brossette

Recipe: Paleo Apple Pie Bites

These simple paleo-friendly balls are a trail snack, and they can be made in just a few minutes.

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AlpineBrad Shannon

Inside America’s coldest, deadest race

Every year, one Colorado mountain town throws a three-day party for a dead body they keep in a shed.

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02 Staff Picks

WellnessRenee Howard

Recipe: Homemade Jerky, Alaska Style

Store-bought jerky is a rip-off. All you need to make something better is a few spices and an oven. And meat, of course.

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AlpineKevin Linderman

SOG Approved: Solo Stove

The wood-fueled Solo Stove looks like the camp stove of the future... but looks aren't everything. So we fired one up to test the hype.

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TravelBrad Shannon

Yukigassen is our new favorite sport

It's like dodgeball meets paintball meets capture the flag... but with snowballs. And it's Japanese (of course).

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CycleJames Wilson

3 mountain bike myths (that you might believe)

Not all advice is good advice. Mountain bike coach James Wilson takes down some common myths about MTB technique.

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TravelMatt Minich

4 tropical island hikes

There's more to the island life than white sand beaches and fruity beverages. In this piece, we rounded up four great hikes in paradise.

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FishEric Jackson

How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Line

There are literally hundreds of fly line choices on the market, but how do you choose the best brand and weight for your specific situation?

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03 Gear Reviews

WellnessStewart Moore

This week in gear: 4 must-have camp comforts

Camping is meant to be primitive, but that doesn't mean it can't be comfortable. These four items help make any campground feel a little more like home.

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WellnessStewart Moore

This week in gear: 4 pieces of adventure skincare

Outdoor sports are tough on skin. These four product mitigate the damage.

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AlpineKevin Linderman

SOG Approved: Kammok Roo

The Kammok Rook is a quality camping hammock that goes up easily and costs less than $100. Enough said.

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BoardStewart Moore

This week in gear: 4 pieces of mountain tech

In the outdoors, high-tech gizmos are always superfluous. But that doesn't mean they aren't fun.

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Gear ReviewsKevin Linderman

SOG Approved: Setatec Touch 1k

With touchscreen controls, device charging capabilities, and a sleek design, this crowd-funded flashlight just might change the game for good.

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Gear ReviewsKevin Linderman

Gear Review: Cotopaxi Kusa Jacket

The newest full-zip jacket from Cotopaxi feels great on the trail *and* looks cool at the bar.

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04 Around The Web

Around the web — Outdoor Life

3 Tips for Better Tinder

Good tinder is essential to primitive fire building. Learn to make it right. Read more

Around the web — Gearjunkie.com

Taste Test: ‘Gourmet’ Beef Jerky

With flavors like Sriracha, honey dijon, and sweet jalapeno, this beef jerky packs some serious flavor. Read more

Around the web — Climbing

Obituary: Royal Robbins (1935–2017)

On Tuesday, March 14, California rock-climbing and big-wall pioneer Royal Robbins passed away at age 82. Read more

Around the web — Field and Stream

How to Free a Pinned Canoe

When your canoe is pinned, and you’re without a winch, pull it out with this system. Read more

Around the web — Gearjunkie.com

Finally, a backcountry pizza oven

Now you can have kitchen-quality pizza in the outdoors. But it will cost you dearly. Read more

Around the web — Gearjunkie.com

‘PolarFleece’ Of The ’80s Is Back

Miss the '80s? PolarFleece is back, and it's about to go way retro. Read more

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Prepare. Outfit. Experience.

Those are the three phases of every outdoor adventure, from a winter bike commute to a month long trek through the wilderness. All three are essential to a successful trip… and Shoulders of Giants can help you with each one.

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